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ITware is a premium software development company located in Budapest in the neighbourhood of the Budapest University of Technology. We provide full scale, tailor-made, flexible solutions to our partners. The company's main focus is software development, project management and system integration.


ITware uses an agile methodology in order to improve quality, encourage creative innovation and continuously evolve. We use top technologies and methodologies including microservices, containerisation, cloud services and more. ITware’s main goal is to deliver top quality solutions to our customers in order to exceed their expectations.


SME activities: software development, mobile app development, vehicle tracking service provider, remote data collecting sensor system implementations, automated testing expert, agile/scrum expert


ITware's key to success since 2001 is that it is not only selling products but offers complex solutions for its customers.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation executed since May 2018, here is our notice to protect the data privacy of our customer.


Meet our team!




ITware's developers have gained diverse knowledge and broad experience due to the many years of practice in the telecommunication sector.



The staff of the ITware Ltd. has had a long-term, traditionally strong relationship with the most important informatics companies: ITware Ltd. is the member of the Hungarian Association of IT Companies.


If information processing and transfer within companies are mentioned, experts in informatics have software development, computer networks, application service provision, system integration in mind. At ITware, these concepts are closely related - mirroring an integrated information system. ITware applies the latest results of the different branches of informatics in an integrated manner. We do our business in the field of informatics. What should be our ambitions, what vision are we have? At first, IBM comes into my mind...


ITware was founded in 2001 by the IT staff of the 1st Hungarian mobile operator.
The aim of the foundation was - by preserving the unity of development and operating experiences of several years in the field of telecommunication - to go on with IT and development projects in other industries, like finance and health just to mention a few. With a significant part of ITware's resources, we take part in the software development and IT projects of T-Mobile as an outsource partner. Beside these high-priority engagements, ITware has launched independent R&D projects, as well.



Látó-tér alapítvány is a Hungarian nonprofit organization that provides support to individuals who are blind and visually impaired in the areas of IT, sports and culture.


Our CEO, Sándor Dankó, expressed his compassion and support for this foundation in the following statement.