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If information processing and transfer within companies are mentioned, experts in informatics have software development, computer networks, application service provision, system integration in mind. At ITware, these concepts are closely related - mirroring an integrated information system. ITware applies the latest results of the different branches of informatics in an integrated manner. We do our business in the field of informatics. What should be our ambitions, what vision are we have? At first, IBM comes into my mind...


I can already hear the voices of pusillanimity: that's ridiculous, you don't know, where you live, don't dream, have both of your feet on the ground...
But it is the example of IBM itself, that reveals us those ideas in the sphere of informatics that are worth to strive for. They are impossible to achieve - some people might think. Yet, there is already proof that it is possible!

Has it been some miraculous creature from a fairy tale or the little green beings from the Mars who brought about the wonderful achievements of IBM and other big IT companies? Of course, not! IBM has taken its employees from the same pool of everyday people - well with some judicious selection - just as every other company. It seems not at all that impossible then...

Where will you find us on the performance scale compared to the average? I am fully confident that we are significantly better than the average, and you can take my word for it. My word is, in turn, underpinned by the outstanding performance of the ITWARE staff (former: Informatics Department of Westel Ltd.) who give their best in their field. Our line of expertise, mobile communication is on the very top of even the so-called 'high-tech' industries. The only thing that makes us able to fulfil the needs of this sector is our capability of adopting and implementing the latest technologies. Our work ethics, innovations, and the rich variety of our fresh and genuinely new ideas would even beat the performance and efficiency of some of the biggest multinational firms, too.
Then why not believe in our abilities and opportunities - that is embodied in the ITware? Our task is simple: we have to be outstanding. Becoming and remaining outstanding is what we continually strive for.

Being better - that is what we must keep in our minds in every single second, in all range of activities of the ITware and we have to work in accordance with it.

And then tomorrow we will beat IBM? Of course not. But we have all the ways and all the devices to forge. To reach a turnover of one billion forints.

We had the possibility of a very intensive start in the first year. From there we just have to strengthen our positions steadily and our vision may come true!