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Látó-tér alapítvány is a Hungarian nonprofit organization that provides support to individuals who are blind and visually impaired in the areas of IT, sports and culture.


Our CEO, Sándor Dankó, expressed his compassion and support for this foundation in the following statement.

 “Dear readers, have you ever given Lego’s to a blind child as a gift? Have you ever tried holding their hand while they were trying to put the parts together? If you have never tried, then you should because it is extremely heartwarming. Our team here at ITware is fortunate enough to have experienced this feeling. We have been more than happy to support the Látó -tér Alapitvány foundation”.


At ITware, we believe that IT knowledge and opportunities should not be a privilege, it should be a right. That is why our company supports this foundation by donating 500, 000 HUF every year.


This year we have continued to support The Látó-Tér Foundation, not only by donating but also by providing voluntary work. Many of our colleagues helped paint the foundation's nursery school and the result was a nice clean dormitory for the children. We received a thank you letter from the foundation and they notified us that due to our donation, they were able to purchase multiple therapy tools for the children. It also allowed them to provide the children with some theatre programs as well as in-house concerts. We were also very happy to hear that they were able to use some of the donations to support a family with a diabetic child by providing her with special dietary foods.












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