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ITware's product breaks down the boundaries of ordinary television by adding community functions and offering a customized electronic service guide on user-focused, ergonomic surfaces on your mobile phone.

The users' taste can be precisely identified through their recommendations, ratings and viewing statistics, so the viewers can forget about the boring browsing of program guides and they can watch their preferred programs without interruptions on MOTIware's virtual channels.

MOTIware is an advanced mobile TV product pointing in the direction of digital convergence, which adds new opportunities, connections and community experiences to the television programs broadcasted with various technologies, all through this very personal device, your mobile phone.

MOTIware gives you more than just the opportunity to watch video contents and television channels made available by your service provider on your mobile phone. Thanks to this application, viewers are granted a true experience; by using the customized channels they get relevant contents and the social functions (chat, program recommendations, ratings) offer real, personal experience – all this on an attractive, easy-to-use user interface.


Advanced technological background

MOTIware is one of the first mobile television applications that runs on IMS platform as well. On the other hand, it is platform-independent on the client side; it can be run on most of the nowadays popular mobile phone operation systems, like Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, Iphone or RIM. MOTIware supports the important broadcast standards used in the field of mobile television, – e.g.: DVB-H or DVB-T standard – too.


New source of income for mobile operators

The following qualities of MOTIware help increase the mobile operator's income instantly:

  • Adds interactive community functions to mobile television,
  • Helps the user find relevant contents easily,
  • Gives great ground to targeted commercials based on user preference,
  • The very accurate viewing statistics is a great business factor,
  • Allows for a precise and easy-to-use list of billing events.



Main functions of MOTIware

  • Recommendations: MOTIware users can recommend viewed programs to their friends and acquaintances – by which they themselves help promote mobile television and MOTIware itself.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG), in which you can bookmark future programs, you can send scheduled recommendations, of which the partners with their services turned off will get as SMS.
  • Virtual channels:
    • Channel of your own favorite programs,
    • Channel of your friends' currently viewed programs
    • Channel of the currently highest rated programs the user instantly gets the currently aired preferred programs he is most excited to see "on a plate", without having to search for them.
  • Rating: the viewed contents can be rated. Amongst others these ratings provide basis for identifying user preference, which allows MOTIware to offer the material of the virtual channels to users.
  • Opinions: relating to the content the users can voice their opinions in a forum – a great way of making television viewing a community experience.
  • Using the phone book: the friends and acquaintances list can be connected to the phone book on your mobile, and even to your preferred social networks (facebook, twitter, iwiw, etc.).
  • Electronic program guide: Programs appear in a traditional time-channel matrix as well, favoring conservative users – with interesting extra features (marking, recommending future programs; ratings)
  • Targeted commercials: MOTIware offers numerous options for commercials (on full screen when accessing programs and at the changing of programs in case of a virtual channel; or a special banner-type ad in case of a traditional program guide), which can provide targeted commercials from the commercials database with the help of the commercial engine. MOTIware provides an interface for connecting to commercial aggregators.
  • Accurate viewing statistics, that generate a new source of income for the companies placing ads and for the television channels as well, include information of essential importance.
  • Online administration: all the important functions of MOTIware can be managed on a web page.

Social mobile television at the press of a button – that's MOTIware.