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Today's CRM and billing systems over time became gigantic and complicated which makes them extremely difficult and expensive to use. Ideally they are able to serve the changing user requirements, but their operation and support need excessive resources from telecommunications companies when the industry's profitability is continually sagging.

In these market relations ITware's product is an effectively operable CRM and billing solution - NG-BOSS - and it helps considerably to reduce the required costs of the industry. The current BSS systems – despite their knowledge – can not manage many problems adequately:
      • too complicated systems with too many parts
      • need of manual intervention into the processes
      • inconsistent data management
      • slow and circumstantial market introduction
The changed market conditions - the multi-level and multi-channel service delivery - induce the market participants to a paradigm shift. There is a constant need for development in the areas of customer relationship management and billing to overcome the competition and to maintain their market position.


ITware's product, NG-BOSS CRM and Billing offers a solution for these problems!


The new CRM and billing system (NG-BOSS) developed by ITware intends to integrate the domestic and international industry trends and standards fully all along with keeping in mind the expected future business and regulatory changes. Our SOA-based system is intend to implement a fully customizable invoicing logic, thus supporting the enhancement of incoming revenues and fitting to the proper processes, reducing the problems caused by manual intervention. Using standard technologies we offer simpler integration solution than the market leader ERP systems, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire organization.


Key features:

    • off-the-shelf software and easily customizable

    • standard and interoperable SOA solution

    • multilayer and modular constructuion

    • platform-independent and low-cost

Key modules:

    • NG-BOSS - Customer, account and service management

    • NG-BOSS POS – Retail store sales processes

    • NG-BOSS TARIFF - Tariff plans and service master data

    • NG-BOSS STOCK - Stock and inventory management

    • NG-BOSS ASSET -Virtual product management

    • NG-BOSS SEC - User and access rights management

    • NG-BOSS BILLING - Monthly billing