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General MeterReading Support System

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ITware has delivered the Magyar Posta General MeterReading Support System solution. The system receives, records, processes and transmits consumer data of consumers of ELMŰ and TIGÁZ to customers and provides data for various reports and statistics.

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kzoll system web application

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The purpose of the project was to develop a web applet on postal mail that supports new customs clearance processes after a web authentication on Recorded data are stored in individual databases, uploaded files are stored in the mail eArchívum database. The data will be transmitted to the KZOLL system and will receive the customs status decision. Thanks to the application, customers are informed of all statuses and changes of the customs decision by e-mail.

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Internet Payout voucher

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A popular service of Magyar Posta is the sending of money which is paid in cash by the Post at the destination designated at the address of the voucher (at the address of the addressee, at the premises or at the postal address). The Internet-based application version of the service (Internet Payout voucher - iKIFUT) was developed by our company for the compatibility of the DSP framework. This development ensures the responsive appearance of the application and the correct functioning of wizard screens. The project was delivered to ITware team by the deadline with the client's full satisfaction. 

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KITE Reference Title

sales application


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ITware has provided an Android-based vendor support solution for KITE Ltd., and KITE's corporate management system and server-side server components that communicate with the mobile application. The solution delivered by ITware covers the entire sales process from providing up-to-date information services through bid and contract preparation up to individual orders management.

technology stack Android
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Electronic worksheet application


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KITE Zrt. has asked ITware to develop its mobile application for the electronic worksheet supporting. The delivered system fully replaces the former paper-based administration and thus reduces the administrative burden of the sector. In addition to the worksheet fill function, the solution supports the access to the service history of various machines and various auxiliary materials, as well as measuring service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

technology stack Android 
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service support mobile app


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The tasks of the electronic worksheet-supporting mobile application to be developed for the service business have been carried out by ITware Kft, thanks to the successful joint cooperation so far. The realization of further specific development needs was carried out agile, according to the SCRUM methodology.

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DMSOne Refrence Title
Test automation for Document managament system

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In this test automation project, we support the connection of quality criteria for successful completion and prepare for the browser disinfection project. The aim of our mandate is to test the leading document management system in Hungary, to create smoke and narrower regression tests for specific processes.

Our Solution: Configuring the framework and automatic running environment for the customer, dedicate a testing team for writing both manual and automated tests using agile methodology.

Results: To meet the maximum customer demand in short iterations, so that the soonest working solution reaches the customer's hands. Exceeding the original agreement with 50% within the remaining financial resources.

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ÁVHD Electronic Signature Interface Development

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DMS One Zrt. Has asked our company to develop an electronic signature interface for ÁVHD's existing document management system.

The object of the task is to implement a document authentication service that is recaptured by the authentication system by generating the document, identifying the author of the document, passing the data to the service, providing a clause for the assignment of the author, with a key associated with the system. The AVDH proxy places a REST interface in front of SOAP interface. The existing SOAP interface has been given, the REST interface is designed accordingly and concerning customer requirements. 

technology stack SOAP, CXF, REST, Java, Tomcat, SWAGGER, OpenSSL, Maven, Jersey, Junit
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