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Docler Holding is a multinational enterprise, headquartered in Luxembourg since 2013, which counts more than 1000 employees worldwide. The company started in 2001 as a garage project, powered by the ideas and visions of young and enthusiastic Hungarian entrepreneurs. Today, Docler Holding has created and developed a large number of highly diversified companies, all gathered under a unique umbrella. These businesses perform and experience ongoing growth in the fields of entertainment, technology, personal development and lifestyle. 

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technology stack
Microservices, Java, SpringBoot, AWS, OpenStack, Selenium, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes, MongoDB

previous projects
ARMS - Automated Risk Management System - developed by ITware is used to scan harmful user behaviour. Follow-up of world-class 24/7 streaming video and chat service users through statistical analysis of public data collected from users' machines and help to filter malicious users out of the system. (...more information)

User Management
It looks simple: we log in and the system manages our privileges. But what if 50 million users are required to serve 500,000 competing executives at a time, serving 1,000 requests per second? (...more information)

Microservice Infrastructure
Build our applications from components: ITware evolves this old need for a strategic partner of it. The great advantage of smaller, individually-installed and easily-communicating services is that the components can be independently published and updated. (...more information)

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