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As ITware, it's our honour (and plus excitement) to announce that we will be present at the HOUG 2018 Conference! 




HOUG 2018 Conference is curated as the largest business and technology event of Oracle in Hungary this year. It will take place between April 09th and 11th. You can get to know more about this event on the official website here. As ITware, this is not the first time that we joined as a facilitator of the conference, however, we are still extremely honoured and proud to be present and host one space for all the attendees. 



 (HOUG 2017, Siófók)



Presenter: Zentai Ármin, ITware (You can get to know him here.)



- Server-Side Javascript

- Alien Languages on the JVM

- Why created Oracle a modern JavaScript engine for JVM?

- JavaScript on JVM use cases

- Nashorn in a nutshell

- Examples and Demo


When? Monday, April 09th 2018.

Where? Hotel Siófók, Azure, Java section



We sincerely hope you will enjoy our presentation! Should you have any further requests or hope to connect with us, please feel free to approach us.