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In October, we have finished and delivered the test automation project of DMSOne Zrt.

The project was well suited for applying SCRUM methodology. We have achieved one of the most important and difficult methodological goals, we have created a self-organized team. We always recognised the high-level goals, and we have been talking together about how could we reach this and how could we satisfy the customer. Once this was done we worked on mapping the tasks, which were also the results of anonymous agreements, and often included suggestions to our client.

The design of the project was very good. We started with a successful kick-off where we talked about how we could achieve the best value to the customer which resulted that the customer's tester already used the product during the development. Here I would like to highlight a PHP release switch where our automated test proved before a brief deployment and has caught more bugs in the interface. Another kick-off was the decision to set up Jenkins at the customer as soon as possible which we also managed to solve well before delivery. Thanks to the continuous delivery our last review and the process of handing over was practically formal with the customer.

DMSOne Zrt. entrusted our company with a new project mid-September: This is an electronic signature interface development.


We further strengthened our relationship with Magyar Telekom. On the one hand we provide one of our colleagues to the ATG project and on the other hand, we are extending our operation in several application support areas.

We launched our Test Automation Service campaign in the field of marketing aimed at organising as many client demos for potential customers as we can.

As for the next months, the Sales Team is working on multiple possible leads and opportunities, focusing on the next year.