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We developed the chat application running on the world’s most visited website for Docler Holding. ITware joined the development of the Communitiy Support Chat (CSC) helpdesk application used by Jasmin Support to keep in touch with their clients. The main goal of the project was to increase stability and maximize user experience of the communication between the technical support team and clients.


Docler Holding – Jasmin support chat fejlesztéseOur first task was understanding the complex architecture of the production environment and the source code of the application, fixing bugs, creating developer and user guides and modifying the user interface in order to meet the high user experience requirements aiming a more efficient working environment. After these improvements we created a standard Windows Installer for the new UI application, which now can be used independent from a browser and offers new logging and analyzing tools.


In order to maximize efficiency, we implemented seperate user interfaces based on user roles and access rights, making the whole application more simple and easy-to-use for the users. The application has been moved to a continous integration framework providing unified work processes to maintain and review the source code, build, test and deploy the application. The project was implemented in a national environment using the Scrum metodology, which resulted in an efficient application, which can serve the needs of the continous work-shifts of a client oriented support team.