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ITware’s M2M work in Kojimori solution have been described in a research paper by Professor Kunio Ohno from Polytechnic University, Japan and presented in the 2015 February research society meeting of IIEEJ (The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan) in Wakayama University, Japan.


In his paper Professor Ohno first talks about the start of M2M and IoT.

He emphasize the importance of international cooperation in this new upcoming field that is also reshaping the Japanese IT landscape.

He then goes on to describe the Kojimori solution, and also ITware’s APPware mobile development engine.

In his next chapter the Professor continues with examining further joint application possibilities in other fields using ontology - his main field of expertize -, in defining the approach.

The paper has been presented in front of the audience from IIEEJ, as one in a series of presentations ranging from latest development information in the field of face recognition, medical imaging and data collection, further to data collection and transmission in case of disasters.


ITware’s M2M solution in a Japanese research paper
Please download the research paper here.

The agenda of the IIEEJ research meeting may be downloaded from here: