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Mobile app in 15 minutes.
ITware has shown it in Barcelona at the MWC!


APPaware is a web-based SmartPhone App Editor that lets you to create your own mobile App Yourself. You do not need any coding knowledge, just drag and drop the elements. It's as easy as making a presentation.


ITware participated for the 10th time in the Mobile World Congress (MWC2014), the most prestigious event of the mobile industry in Barcelona in February. ITware presented to 500 customers from 70 countries its latest development: APPaware, which is unique on the international market of mobile application developments.


APPaware: great success! On the fair, there is time only for calling the attention, but the following days there are continuous product demonstrations to potential business partners. Apart from the preparation of business agreements, more and more interested customers take part in a detailed Demonstration where they make a basic app together.



appaware tel APPaware made with APPaware


ITware is committed to continuous R&D and innovation. Thanks to these it represents new developments at MWC every year. We have set great objectives this year. One of our main goals is to catalyze the fast growing mobile application development market with our very user-friendly, easy-to-use and intuitive mobile application creator solution called APPaware.


APPaware is a web-based WYSIWYG SmartPhone App Editor that lets the user to create his/her own business mobile App without coding knowledge, just select from thematic templates and drag and drop the elements. The user can create the APP without having to write even one single line of code.


In Barcelona the customers – coming from Silicon Valley, Tanzania or Japan - were very much interested in the APPaware Demos. The Happy Wedding App is going to be lauched on the Japanese market in weeks. Our German partner will show our Wolfsburg Sport Team App soon on the CeBIT fair.





APPaware editor on the web


ITware is market leader in unique software development for companies, by attractive, and unique software solutions that supports their internal flows, and targeting even the end users. ITware’s innovative solutions are used by telecom companies, advertising and content management companies.


Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona this year, between 24 and 27 of February. There were more than 85.000 visitors from all parts of the world. The exhibitors are ranging from the greatest mobile service providers and theirs suppliers, to the entertainment and media and internet companies. There were 85.000 visitors from 202 countries, and 1.800 exhibitors joining the fair this year.


We keep you updated about the further story of APPaware!