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Hungarian ICT company ITware to provide solution for mobile access of e-learning materials.
Thanks to its presence at the 3GSMWorld 2006 conference, the Budapest-based company ITware, specialist in mobile content delivery and in mobile payment platforms, has been selected to be one of the key players in developing innovative content delivery platforms for the LOGOS e-learning project.






The aim of the LOGOS project is to open up and make available existing large-scale repositories of digitized information as an easy-to-use source of knowledge accessible from a wide-array of devices: the integration of Internet based communication, 3rd generation mobile access, and digital TV technologies are key aspects in the successful delivery of knowledge to everyone in life-long learning across Europe. Another noteworthy effect of the project will be the revenue for mobile operators resulting from the delivery of rich multimedia content to end-user mobile devices.

The project involves interdisciplinary activities: the source materials currently available in national audio-visual archives have to be adapted for e-learning purposes, and in the meantime the cross-platform solution for content-delivery has to be developed as well. The project kicked off in March 2006 and has a 3 year long lifetime involving 15 participants from nine EU countries with a budget of EUR 3,610,800. ITware is responsible for the development of the platform for delivering e-learning materials to end-user 3G/GSM terminals. This part of LOGOS project is supervised by Antenna Hungária, which is the coordinator of the whole project.

Ubiquitous learning is an important part of the life-long learning strategy accepted by EU members at Lisboa in March 2000 to facilitate mobility in European labor markets, and thus enhancing the competitivity of the European industrial and services sector. As Hungarian Minister of Education Bálint Magyar said: "The impact of the project is to assure access to e-learning materials using cross-media channels, therefore the restructuring of HR markets would be quicker and more effective." It is a gratifying challenge for ITware to participate in such an important and innovative project - contributing to it with all its 11 year expertise in mobile content delivery and platform development.