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ITware wants to play a key role in the recently formed ARTEMIS-HUNGARY National Technology Platform for embedded systems.

The aim of the ARTEMIS-Hungary National Technology Platform (ArtemisH NTP) is to motivate the concerned companies and research organisations in the area of embedded systems to a long term common thinking and planning. In the short term ArtemisH NTP wants to follow the strategies and thematic objectives of the ARTEMIS European TP, and to develop and adapt the common technology background, which enables the efficient and high quality development of products in Hungary containing embedded systems. 

ArtemisH was officially launched on the 5th of December, 2008.

On the foundation meeting Sandor Dankó, the CEO of ITware was elected to be a member of the Sterring Commitee of ArtemisH.

IVSZ and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Measurement and Information Systems (BME MIT) are the main driving forces of the establishment of Artemis-H. Our goal was to start activities and set up the Artemis-Hungary office by the end of 2008. IVSZ would provide the networking support and practical organisation of the platform, while BME MIT would provide the professional support to the platform.

A starting task of ArtemisH will be the dissemination and improvement of the novel professional culture of cooperation in the area of embedded systems and the coordination of activities. We aim to develop a National Strategic Research Plan and a Deployment Plan in the next two years.

The participation in ArtemisH meets perfectly ITware's strategic plans with the embedded systems. Artemis and its Hungarian branch will help ITware's research and development efforts in the field of mobile handheld and other embedded software.

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